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Therapy Updates

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Therapy Updates

Welcome to The Therapy Suite. We are a small but specialist service offering help to those wanting to improve their wellbeing.

1 in 4 of us are likely to experience psychological health problems. Therefore looking after ourselves is a priority if we want to have lives that are fulfilling and joyful.

Unfortunately life has a way of derailing this priority. Single events of loss, trauma or change, can leave us feeling dysfunctional and unable to recognise ourselves. Equally, long-standing issues can hinder our ability to fully connect with others, and as such occupy a more limited version of our life than desired. We want to support people in addressing these problems, in a way that is professional and reassuring but also kind and caring.

This desire to strike the right balance of help is the driving force behind The Therapy Suite. It's what we try to embody in our services, our people and our surroundings. We want to respond to your effort and cost of seeking help, with a space and service that makes you feel hopeful about your wellbeing. That's the job we aim to do, every day.

Vikki Powell, Chartered Psychologist @ The Therapy Suite. August 2016