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One year anniversary !

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We can all expereince the phenomena of time passing too quickly - and here at The Therapy Suite we are no diffierent.

Later this week we will reach our first year anniversary of being open at Earsham Hall. This first 'birthday' has somehow taken us all by surprise. We like to think we are surprised, due to the success of the clinic making us busy and unaware of how time is passing. However this means that even our wise therapists cannot always practice the art of 'being in the moment' all the time.

We have therefore tried to 'ground ourselves' with some reflection time about our first year. To support this, we are asking past and present clients for their feedback about coming to The Therapy Suite. We are very pleased to say that the feedback is proving a delight to read, and we plan to share our client's own wise comments on our website soon.

Here's to another successful year ahead. For our clinic, but more importantly, for our clients past, present and new.