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Problems with sleep??

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Problems with sleep - trouble getting to sleep, waking in the night, night terrors, and over-tiredness - feature as a symptom of many physical and mental health issues.

In our experience at The Therapy Suite, problems with sleep are often the trigger for people seeking help from their GP, even if they have been struggling with the cause of the insomnia for many months even years. There are two implications from this:

1. It may seem more acceptable to seek help for sleep problems rather than the anxiety, depression, trauma, grief etc that lies beneath the insomnia, and,

2. Improving sleep provides a positive basis for being able to tackle the underlying issues. And, even if individuals choose not to explore the causal issues further, they improve their day-to-day coping by having improved quality of sleep.

Our specialists in sleep problems - Dr Vikki Powell and Elsa Athanasia - use an evidence-based approach to treating insomnia, night terrors and related sleep problems that draws on a cognitive-behavioural approach. If you'd like some quick ideas for improving your sleep, see this link to Womens Health magazine, with a contribution from Dr Vikki Powell.

If you'd like to discuss how individual therapy could help you address your sleep problems, please click here to contact us.