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Executive Coaching

Our lead psychologist, Dr Vikki Powell, has extensive experience in coaching business leaders and executives, having worked with:

Metropolitan Police Service | United Nations | Virgin Atlantic | Tate | Battersea Dogs & Cats Home | Ministry of Defence

She maintains contracts with key organisations as their 'go-to' Executive Coach, and is available for selected appointments with local coaching clients. Vikki's coaching work regularly features these common issues:

  • Balancing accountability for outcomes with personal integrity
  • Managing conflicting demands of leadership
  • The 'I think this, therefore I do that' trap
  • Personality preferences, strengths and blind spots
  • Having difficult conversations
  • I got the promotion, now what do I do?
  • Understanding ourselves, understanding others, understanding what is required of us

Coaching appointments last 90 minutes, and can be purchased individually or as a series of six. Coaching sessions can take place either at The Therapy Suite or on-site at your work location.

We also have a well-tested and highly successful coaching training programme aimed at managers who need to develop the skills to coach their own teams.

Please contact Dr Vikki Powell on 07887 811570 or click here to find out how you can benefit from executive coaching.